There is a new player in the battle for the ultimate in fuel efficient vehicles and in many minds an unlikely one. Volvo is now ready to enter the field with its XC90a vehicle that is set to take on the likes of the Tesla Model X. Volvo has recently invested approximately $11 billion in creating a vehicle that combines the best features of the BMW i8 and those of Tesla.

Orders are Pouring In

Since Volvo first announced the pending release of the XC90, they have received approximately 30,000 orders for the four wheel drive markets first plug-in hybrid seven seater according to a report released by Seeking Alpha.

So, what is all the fuss about? Beyond the fact that the XC90 is the first seven seat plug-in hybrid, there is the fact the center stack offers a center stack touchscreen that is listed as being the second largest screen currently available on the market. In fact technology plays a huge part in the overall design of the Volvo XC90 hybrid. According to Volvo this vehicle will debut with Apple's Car Play and then follow this up in April of 2016 with Android Auto.

Technology Plays a Huge Part in the XC90

This selection of two different operating systems gives the Volvo an instant leg up on the competition. Not only does the XC90 feature the second largest automotive touchscreen, the system is also fitted with a series of knobs and controls used for volume control and for the stop, pause, and play features for the infotainment system. More importantly the buttons have been carefully engineered so that they can be used even when you have gloves on.

Infotainment technology is only part of the package. Volvo has taken the lessons learned by Tesla in their selection of battery packs. The XC90 will feature battery packs made by LG Electronics instead of National Panasonic, the battery pack supplier for Tesla. There will be one battery pack between the axles and a single gasoline engine, after all this is a plug-in hybrid as opposed to the Tesla which is a battery only vehicle.

Not Just about Battery Power

There are those who might say that the battery only Tesla and the Volvo XC90 are not in the same class as the Volvo is a plug-in hybrid. The reality is that few buyers at this point seem to be worried about this. Instead what most people are interested in is overall range and performance. When driving the XC90 on just the batteries you can expect a range of approximately 15-20 miles based on your driving habits.

Once the batteries begin to deplete, the gasoline engine will take over to ensure you do not end up stranded somewhere looking for somewhere to plug in. This would allow the average driver to save his batteries for use in the city as a commuter vehicle, but at the same time it would not limit the overall range of your trip to that of your batteries.

Price Plays a Part in All Decisions

The Tesla may appeal more to those who are interested in a vehicle that is exclusively powered by electricity, but this purely electrical power does come at a significant cost. The current Tesla S model starts out with an MSRP of $86,200 and hints about the Tesla X suggest it may start out at around $95,000. On the other hand the Volvo XC90 offers all of the above for an MSRP starting price of only $69,095 for a seven seat SUV loaded with features, making it a much better buy for the discerning buyer. For more information, or to schedule a test drive please contact us online today.

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