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2017 Volvo V90

The Volvo XC90 is not to be the only new vehicle from this vaunted Swedish car manufacturer in the coming year. In fact we will see both an all-new S90 and V90 in the 2016 model year. These vehicles will help Volvo take the plunge back into the large luxury car market once again. According to available information these cars are designed to replace the S80 and V70 respectively. At the same time they are intended to provide stiff competition for top of the line vehicles such as the Mercedes-Benz E-Class, BMW 5-Series, and the Audi A6.

It's all in the Hierarchy

As you might expect, given the hierarchy and badging of the Volvo lineup, the S90 will be a sedan and the V90 will a wagon. Both cars are expected to be based on the Volvo Estate concept car that was seen at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show. In fact all of the new top of the line Volvo vehicles are expected to be based on this concept vehicle and are expected to display a healthy dose of Swedish styling in their final design.

According to Nick Connor, the managing director of Volvo U.K, "The SC90 very clearly demonstrates the transition to where Volvo is heading.  The S90 will surprise and have more impact than just another large Volvo estate car. ‘The dimensions are much more premium than today’s S80’s. The interior is the next step from XC90 but with a higher level of quality; we’ve recruited Robin Page from Bentley to head up our interior design and it really shows. People will say this is very different and distinctive compared with the German. It will have the benefit of MMI infotainment that is easy to use, Drive-E engines and clean Scandinavian lines that look stunning."

The XC90 range is powered by the four cylinder "Drive-E" family of engines. To date there is no indication that there are to be any five or six cylinder engines in these vehicles. In fact the new sedan and wagon versions will partner with the all-new and recently launched XC90, which has since become the flagship model of the current Volvo lineup

Great Plans for the Future

2017 Volvo S90

As if coming up with three great new vehicles for the 2016 model year is not enough, Volvo has big plans for the future that include revamping and replacing their entire lineup by the 2020 model year. This is being accomplished with the help of an $11 billion "fighting fund" that has been raised separately from any funding offered by parent company Geely.

This new lineup will be based off of the "Scalable Product Architecture" program, with the exception of the V40 model that will continue to use the "CMA" platform developed in China in shared program with Geely. For those interested in hybrids, both of these platforms can be adapted to use the latest in hybrid technology.

With regard to plans to replace the entire lineup by 2020, Connor had this to say, “We couldn’t do it any faster, this timeline of launches is right for us. To replace the entire product line up in four years is pretty good by anyone's standards." Prices on these new vehicles is expected to be slightly higher than many are used to paying, but this is only to be expected. According to Connor, "If we have the right product, price is less important, if you have an old product that's less competitive, you have to sell on price." Both of these vehicles are sure to make an excellent choice for anyone interested in driving a great automobile from this legendary Swedish automaker.

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