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Google is working hard to develop an operating system that provides the use of Android technology in your Volvo without the need for a smart phone. Google just announced partnering up with Audi and Volvo, and the two car makers are working on building new infotainment systems with the Android 7.0 Nougat technology.

Google's operating system has been slightly changed by the manufacturers to provide a touchscreen display experience for drivers and passengers of Volvos and Audis. The same operating system also runs the digital dashboards that sit right behind the steering wheel. Google Assistant will be added to the services provided through apps, upgrading the existing Android Auto technology.

What's important to understand is that the Android technology in the vehicle is going to do more than provide an internet connection and use the infotainment system. The Android is going to be able to control simple functions in the vehicle, such as the seat positioning, opening and closing windows, and controlling the heat or air conditioning. Google states that the Android system is not going to control systems such as the brake system, as this technology is not yet dependable.

Google has been working hard since 2014 to develop the Android Auto system into technology that would eventually control all systems of a car, and doesn't need a smartphone in order to do so. While some of Google's dreams are beginning to be realized, but only in concept cars at this time. Maserati created a version of an Android controlled vehicle in 2016, showing off a Maserati Ghibli that included a 4K, 15-inch vertical center touchscreen.

So far, auto version of the Android is still an open source and doesn't lock out Apple's CarPlay. The goal is for Apple's CarPlay to still be able to run, even when the car is outfitted with the newly created Android system.

What is clear is that Good Android applications are in the game of providing automotive technology that is innovative and easy to integrate into existing systems. It is still possible to use the underlying technology embedded into the vehicle, and Google is going to continue to build on the progress being made in the automotive industry.

With partnerships with Audi and Volvo, Android has also begun working with Fiat, the parent company of Maserati, to begin developing new uses for Android applications to control car functions. Google is making their way into vehicles throughout the world, trying to compete with Apple's CarPlay technology. In a world dominated by Apple technology, Google Android is fighting for their place in the market of automotive technology.

Look for Android to be built in Volvos in the near future as the two companies integrate their efforts.

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