2018 Volvo S90

AUTOMOBILE magazine generally reserves its All-Star designation for such superstars as Porsche, Bentley, and Ferrari, but the Volvo S90 earned a place on that revered list in 2017. A winning combination of superior style, safety features, and overall feel of the ride caused the editors of AUTOMOBILE to consider the all-new Volvo S90 in a class above the average luxury sedan.

What Makes the Volvo S90 a Winner

Volvo has long been a name associated with quality, reliability, and superior performance, so it comes as no surprise that it's reached the top echelon of modern vehicles according to the industry experts at AUTOMOBILE. Other honors the Volvo S90 has racked up recently include being named the North American Car of the Year for 2017 by Motor Trend and earning a finalist slot in their overall Car of the Year award. The car also won AUTOMOBILE's coveted Design of the Year award.

Here's what makes the Volvo S90 run ahead of the standard luxury sedan pack:

  • Interior design elements - the cabin was trimmed with natural materials, light, extremely comfortable, and features optimal visual appeal.
  • The superior Scandinavian design elements extend to the vehicle's exterior as well.
  • The semi-autonomous drive technology enhances overall safety.
  • The nine-inch touch screen control panel provides state-of-the-art handling options.
  • The four-zone climate control feature comes as standard equipment.
2018 Volvo S90 Interior

AUTOMOBILE's testing process for selecting their All-Stars involves days of intensive driving and discussion among the magazine's editors before voting on which vehicles are worthy of admission. Every aspect of each individual car is carefully considered, and the final vote is perfectly private to ensure maximum authenticity.

The Volvo S90 features a clean, sophisticated design that's the epitome of understated elegance. It's luxurious interior is made even more pleasant by the intuitive functionality of the Sensus Infotainment System that features Sirus Radio and Bluetooth audio. The AUTOMOBILE editors were also impressed with the ease-of-use of the vehicle's navigation system and found its voice recognition feature remarkably accurate. The Pilot Assist feature steers the vehicle at speeds of up to 80 mph. In keeping with Volvo's trademark dedication to ultimate driver and passenger safety, the S90 is equipped with advanced collision avoidance technology that activates when it senses an impending collision.

Consumers have a choice of two engines when purchasing a Volvo S90 - a a 250-hp turbo or a 316 hp supercharged model. The automatic transmission provides silky-smooth shifting between eight gears, and fuel economy is another strong point. The overall average is 26 mpg with the Volvo S90 stretching it out to 33 mpg on open highway tests. With prices starting at less than $49,000, the Volvo S90 also excels in making luxury accessible to more consumers.

Please feel free to visit our dealership at your convenience to test drive a new Volvo S90 and decide for yourself if it's worthy of AUTOMOBILE's All-Star designation.

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